2021 Diary

Southern Counties Championship Show

26th June 2021

Judge - Nicola Spencer (No CC's)

East of England Championship Show

10th July 2021

Judge - David Smith (No CC's)

Leeds Championship Show

24th July 2021

Judge - Richard Morris (CC's)

Bath Championship Show

31st July 2021

Judge - Mick Howes (CC's)

National Gundog

1st August 2021

Judge - Geoff Hargreaves (CC's)

Paignton Championship Show

7th August 2021

Judge - Hilary Male (No CC's)

Bournemouth Championship Show

14th August 2021

Judge - Emma Towns (No CC's)

Blackpool Championship Show

21st August 2021

Judge - Kathy Moores (No CC's)

Driffield Championship Show

27th August 2021

Judge - Seonaid McAndrew (No CC's)

Richmond Championship Show

11th September 2021

Judge - Jane Eyeington (No CC's)

Darlington Championship Show

18th September 2021

Judge - Tom Mather (CC's)

National Dog Show

23rd September 2021

Judge - Jenny Miller (CC's)

Bracco Italiano Society Championship Show (2020 show)

23rd September 2021 (at National Dog Show)

Judge - Keeley Newman-Jones (CC's)

Special Awards Classes - Ilex Jones

Scottish Kennel Club Double Championship Show

3rd October 2021

Judge 1: Ron James (CC's)

Judge 2: Mrs M Vallance (No CC's)

Border Union Championship Show

4th October 2021

AVNSC - Judge - Irene McManus

Gundog Society Of Wales

13th October 2021

Judge  - Andy Scourfield (No CC's)

Belfast Championship Show

24th October 2021

Judge - David Shields (No CC's)

Midland Counties Championship Show

31st October 2021


Bracco Italiano Society Championship Show (2021)

28th November 2021

Judge - Becky Johnson (CC's)

Special Awards Classes - Lauren Carr

Gundog Breeds Association of Scotland Championship Show

13th November 2021

Judge - Nigel Worth

Ladies Kennel Association

11th December 2021

Judge - Mrs Doreen Hardie (CC's)