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Rehome & Welfare

The acting rehome and welfare co-ordinator is Mrs Jeni Rose she should be the first point of contact for the owner of the Bracco needing help, if you are unable to contact the breeder.


Our aim is to rehome any Bracco Italiano with as little stress and disruption as possible for both the owners and the dog. Please remember we are not here to judge the owners but to do our utmost to help in what may be a distressing situation for both dog and owners.


The society are always on the look-out for volunteers to help with re-home. We are looking for people to do home checks and transport dogs across the country from time to time. If you would like to put your name down on the volunteer list please email Jeni with which services you would be happy to volunteer for.


It is sometimes essential to re-home a Bracco quickly and having a list of potential foster homes ready to take such a dog is always needed. If you would like to volunteer to take a Bracco, in the short term, please send your details to the Secretary.


If you wish to donate to the welfare and rehome fund please contact the treasurer or any committee member.  Committee contact details HERE

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